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June 7-003

My name is Satina Scott, and I am the Avatar of the very real Age of Aquarius.  I left my old life behind and announced this publicly on the 11/11 of 2014. I put up this blog, The Indigo Mission, whose tagline reads, “Not The Messiah You Were Expecting.”  Click on Who I Am to read more of my story.

I know how much discomfort there is around the word, “Messiah.” Frankly, I don’t like it either, after what all we’ve been through with religious dogma.  But it is God’s Will that I use this word to help increase humanity’s understanding of Who We Are.  And if you look it up, like I had to, you’ll see it means LIBERATOR. And that’s absolutely what I am and have always been. If you look up the word, “Apocalypse,” you’ll see it means The Unveiling. And that’s what I’m here to do. I’m here to unveil the Truths that have been denied humanity for eons of time, and to help us ALL liberate ourselves from our current financial and psycho-spiritual enslavement. 

You see, as the Aquarian Messiah, I Am here to pass on some radical ideas about how we can Party Peace Across the Planet.  These ideas are so good they got me locked out of Facebook, so you can no longer find me there.  After getting hacked on Twitter and Youtube as well, I’ve restored those accounts, and for now, you can still follow me on Twitter and subscribe to my Youtube channel.

This is a scene from the Disney movie,
This is a scene from the Disney movie, “The Rescuers.” My Autistic-Crystal daughter leaves her TV frozen on this image for hours at a time and has for years. It’s a message to us all about the Ascension Process, and was put into words by my Indigo-Crystal son. Without knowing about his sister’s own message, he told me, “We’re on a ride we can’t get off. We can either wear grooves in the bar, hanging on for dear life, terrified, or we can throw our hands in the air and say, “Wheee!””

To learn more about my Trust Walk over the past year, (learning how to stop wearing grooves in the bar), read this blog.  It was begun in November of 2014 and tracks my progress as an Ascending Avatar, as well as passing on some of the truths that will lead to the LIBERATION of the human race.  I’ve written a post on How to Navigate The Indigo Mission blog.  Start there.

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All of my Love and Unlimited Blessings of Abundance,


4 thoughts on “Hello. It’s Nice to Meet You.

  1. The Law of Mirrow shows our mistakes in communicatoin with other.
    Wnen we do this: “I Am here to BRING INFORMATION and SMASH THE OLD SYSTEM ALL TO SHIT and replace it with one that serves The Highest Good of ALL!  So if you find my methods or language a bit unsettling or disturbing or shocking, well My beloved, MAGNIFICENT fellow Gods and Goddesses…that’s the POINT.  That is what AQUARIUS is about and has always BEEN about.  So open your mind, because as uncomfortable as you may find this, This Is My Age.

    And I AM AWAKE.  And It Has Begun.” And that when people start showing unwillingness to dill with us.

    The TOTAL AWARENESS of ones thoughts & emotions is the KEY to enlightenment (Budda)


    • Thank you for your thoughtful feedback, Irine. When I wrote that I was flying QUITE HIGH and PASSIONATELY channeling a huge amount of warrior energy. It would be more accurate to say I am here to offer a replacement to the current system that will simply pull all the money and energy away from the old, letting it die a natural death. All my life has been about being the one to introduce energies that shook up the status quo, ideas that were unsettling, disturbing, and yes even shocking, because those are things that trigger people to think for themselves and get out of their boxes, so that’s what I meant by that. And of course, this hasn’t led to a life of peace.

      When I said, “This is my age,” what I meant was that no longer will the energies support the status quo. They are all about what I am about, which is shaking up the status quo, waking up as many people as possible, and introducing NEW IDEAS that will provide the answers to the ardent prayers we’ve all been sending up. If you are about that, too, then this is OUR AGE, and it’s time for us ALL to BE MORE, DO MORE, and HAVE MORE than we have been allowed to think is possible.

      I apologize if I have come off as arrogant in my communications. It’s actually defensiveness due to my own fear of having such an enormous, frightening duty to perform. Coming out and calling oneself the Messiah is absolutely terrifying and not something I would ever choose to do on my own. This ain’t easy! I am to walk it out from the bottom to the top, as it were, and I have not been that peaceful, happy person drifting along loving my life up until now. I am coming from a lifetime of hating my life, being angry and sick, and constantly looking at all the ways things could be better. This is a total transformation for me. I think my defensiveness is bravado, too, trying to put on a brave face about having to say the things I have to say, even when I’m afraid of what people will say and think. It is not the way I want to come across.

      Thank you for adding to my efforts to be ever more mindful in thought, word, and deed. Namaste.


    • One other thing. I would like to go through all my old posts and change the language to reflect the person I have become through the trials and lessons of having walked this out since November 11, 2014, but Creator doesn’t want that. This blog is meant to be a record of what it’s like to walk this out, not just a polished presentation of information. So even though I’m embarrassed by some of what I’ve said and done, it’s all my Truth, and God and Goddess want everyone to see I’m just like everyone else, stumbling around through this awakening process, doing my very best to step into some VERY big shoes I’ve had put before me.

      We are ALL SO MUCH MORE than we have known, and if I am here to remind people of that, I have to BELIEVE it when God and Goddess tell me WHO I AM, even though it literally makes me tremble and stop breathing and feel like throwing up. So my old communications will, for now, stay up as is, and I will simply ask you to consider that the person I am now is vastly expanded in comparison to the one who stepped out the door on December 1st. Just as you are. Thank you for your patience and compassion as I do my very best. ❤


  2. Satina, we all now are the avatars  since every one of us living on Earth right now has the unique abilities requered for this particular time in Earth history.  And as native Americans put it nicely in their teaching: we all are the teachers for each other, and we are moving ahead all together  as a collective.

     The whole Earth is shifting now into the 5th dimension. And that means that new consciousness IS already present on Earth — our kids do HAVE mind-reading abilities and they terribly  get hurt by what we (adults) are doing in our life. Unfortunately, the First waive of Indigos has screw up a lot, and we now MUST fix that. And do it very fast, or we will lose our next generation to  what is coming to Earth in 2030 — the horrible astral Blue Dogs comming to Earth to  hunt terrified people ( that what i have seen  in my dream). 

    That means, that if we don’t change the way our society functions today, then our kids will not be ready to face future challenges awaiting them in the astral (4th D) world populated by nusty stuff of previous God’s creations. The kids will not have abilities skillfuly deal with it by shining unconditional love for ALL God’s creation  and could not dissolve outdated version of creation by engulfing it into  high frequency spiritual violet light. 

     Changing society also involves changes in how we do busines with each other. Thus,  the Indigos who have  training and expirience in business affairs should be getting them selves busy and find the way around obstucles left by the old “3 D” mentality culture, which was bild on human unwillingness to take responsibilities for ones thoughts, emotions and actions; not wanting to fix what they have done; and placing blames for ones actions on others.

    So, dear Indigos, stop shaking in fear and be the Spiritual Warriors as you meant to be — the Light Workers  showing to people lost in the darkness/storm the way to the safe harbor.  TRUST  your HEART/SOUL and shine your light for all to see it.

     OM RAM!

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